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Jared Auld


Zach Pfaff

COO and co-founder

Our mission

We want to provide a well designed space that meets the needs of entrepreneurs, small businesses and remote workers. Specifically focused on flexibility of using the space and how it effects the pocket book.

BisMobi is reinventing the way that coworking space is offered.

Jared Auld, ceo
Entrepreneurs, remote workers, etc. like their flexibility. We designed our space with that in mind.
We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Networking is a way to do that.
We designed our space with the professional in mind.
We look to change how coworking works and are always looking for was to innovate ourselves.
Investing in People
We invest in the people around us. Looking to make connections to help someone grow.
All work and no play... We like  fun and work doesn't have to be boring.

Origin story

Cohesion was created in 2020 when Zach was looking to create a coworking space above his bike shop in downtown Broken Arrow. When he reached out to Jared to help do some demo work he had no idea Jared was already looking at buildings to create a coworking space himself. Boom... their ideas and experience merged and Cohesion was created.
Jared, having worked within coworking spaces, loved the experience but didn't feel that the monthly plans worked for remote working. The change he wanted to make was by-the-hour plans exclusively. It was at that point Zach got working on a business plan and putting all the details together in an organized plan.
Broken Arrow, OK

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